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This blog is back in town!

A bit more than a year of effort as a CEO of a battery charging startup has taken me away from this blog.   It was, and remains, an incredible journey.  As we move ever more close to commercialization of our battery charging technology, I will be posting more in the coming weeks and months (after a well-deserved vacation starting next week).   We have learned much in the last year about getting a new technology to market, especially as it relates to building a team, fundraising and finding technology and licensing partners.  I will likely be cross-posting on another blog site.  But in the meantime, I am posting some articles on creating value from IP (this is the IP Asset Maximizer Blog after all) that readers may find interesting.

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Want to Know More about IP Strategy? A Selection of Posts for In-House and Outside Counsel

This week, I am speaking at the Midwest IP Institute.  I will be participating in a "fire side chat" with my good friend, Edna Vassilovski of Stoel, Rives LLP. Our session is entitled "How Patent Prosecutors and In-House Counsel Can Provide Work Product Better Aligned with Client's Business Needs."  Specific topics we will discuss include:

  • How clients’ views of IP and intangible assets are changing and ways both inside and outside counsel can stay relevant to clients today;
  • What you can do to help clients obtain meaningful patents at reduced cost;
  • How to really understand clients’ business goals and how to help make those happen; and
  • How to help clients monetize their patents
I am really looking forward to sharing my passion for IP business strategy with in-house lawyers and outside counsel, especially since I will be doing this with someone like Edna who I think

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About the IP Asset Maximizer Blog

Readers will note that much of this blog was added in bulk during July 2008. This content was authored by me over the course of several months when I was associated with another organization. Since I have established my own IP Strategy and Consulting firm (more info here: www.jackiehutter.com), I look forward to posting new content at this location frequently. Please contact me at jackiehutter@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to suggest ideas for new blog posts.