What is an IP Strategist?

IP Strategists are a new type of Intellectual Property advisor.  We combine business acumen with IP knowledge to provide business-focused advice.  An IP Strategist does not advise you to spend your money on obtaining IP because you can, but because you need to.  That is, an invention may be legally entitled to a patent, but if that patent does not protect and enhance the value of a product or technology that your company is selling currently or planning to sell in the future, obtaining a patent is a waste of your company’s valuable resources.  To ensure that you do not waste money on IP rights that do not align with your goals, an IP Strategist works with you to ensure that you only get IP that supports and maximizes your business value.  In other words, an IP Strategist first listens to you to determine what your business goals are and how you wish to achieve them and only then will the IP Strategist suggest that you move forward with obtaining cost appropriate IP protection.

More about the emerging specialty of IP Strategy can be found in IAM Magazine’s online listing of the world’s leading IP Strategists (which includes Jackie Hutter).