The Hutter Group: IP Strategy Consulting


The Hutter Group LLC is not an IP law firm.  Rather, Jackie Hutter and her team are members of the pioneering ranks of IP Strategists.  As IP Strategy Consultants, The Hutter Group provides your business team with the tools necessary to develop and flawlessly execute on the IP aspects of your value creation and (if applicable) exit strategy.  Jackie Hutter and her team work with your corporate and innovation teams to ensure that your business decisions and financial goals are made with a full understanding of the effect that your company’s or your competitor’s IP ownership (or the lack thereof) will have on the expectations associated with your business and investment decisions. 

IP Strategy centers on business not legal considerations.  In a nutshell, a company that develops and executes on IP Strategy for business value creation puts business at the front end of any decision-making relating to IP.  IP is therefore not obtained unless doing so supports and increases business value.  The company expends resources on IP rights only because it makes sense for the business, not because it is legally possible. 

Each client’s go-forward plan will differ in relation to its specific business issues and goals.  Jackie Hutter will work with your business and innovation teams to develop a custom IP Strategy solution that will allow you to maximize your company’s IP asset value.  Jackie will be pleased to talk to about how IP Strategy can help your company maximize your IP assets.  Contact her at

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