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The US Patent Office’s Impending Financial Crisis and What Sort of Disruptive Innovations Might be Seen as a Result

My postings have been light for the past few weeks because of the Holidays. I plan on re-posting regular content after the New Year. Nonetheless, I couldn't help posting something this week during my vacation after coming across this wonderful analysis of recent patent issuances post-KSR from Matt Buchanan of the Promote the Progress website and blog. Matt's analysis of PTO issuances over the past several years shows that KSR definitely had an effect on the number of patents issued in the last year. What is obvious from Matt's 2008 issuance data is the fact that the PTO experienced a significant decline in revenue over the past year due to the reduction in issue fees paid by successful patentees. Moreover, this revenue decline will certainly be felt over the next 10 plus years as a result of a reduction in maintenance fees that would have been