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You Paid WHAT for that Patent?! or How the Choice of Patent Law Services at Many Companies is Like the Vice Presidential Wardrobe Selection Process

The recent hullabaloo regarding Sarah Palin's "gold plated" wardrobe from Saks and Neiman Marcus got me thinking about how many companies select patent law firms. This may seem like a non-sequitur, but bear with me. . . Those responsible for dressing Gov. Palin apparently believed that the large expenditures at Saks and Neiman Marcus automatically translated into value for the Republican ticket by allowing her to be viewed as more "Vice Presidential" than she would otherwise been considered. Notwithstanding the high cost of her new wardrobe, as reported in the New York Times, her overall "look" remains the same as when she campaigned for and served as Governor of Alaska: business-appropriate jackets, feminine skirts and high heels. The response to this wardrobe makeover by a major fashion commentator: "Honey, I could have dressed you for a lot less than that." From this comment, as well as the continuing backlash