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Think Business Cannot Predict the Future? Patent Landscape Analytics May Prove You Wrong

Regular readers of the IP Asset Maximizer Blog will recognize my previous post which provided an illustration of the predictive nature of patent landscaping to improve business decisions using Cox Enterprise’s $300 Million acquisition of Adify as an example. I wanted to follow up on that post because a recent announcement by Yahoo may demonstrate… Read More »

Using Patent Landscaping Analytics to Improve the Quality of M & A Decisions: A Review of Cox Enterprises’ $300 Million Purchase of Adify

Many companies today enter new product or technology markets through acquisition. However, this is far from a sure-fire plan for business success. For example, in 2006, Inc.com reported that 60-70 % of acquisitions fail and more than 90 % of acquired businesses lose value. These somewhat dismal results leave no doubt that acquiring companies need… Read More »

The Problem with Patent Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions and How to Fix It

As a business or investment professional involved in mergers and acquisitions (“M & A”), are you conducting patent due diligence according to the standard practices of your M & A attorneys and investment bankers? When patents form a significant aspect of the value of the transaction, you are probably getting incorrect advice about how to… Read More »

50% of Money Invested in Venture Capital is Lost: The Right Patent Analytics Can Improve These Odds

According to this article by Arlene Jacobius in Pension and Investments Online, 50% of all investment in venture capital is a loss. This article, which is based upon separate research projects by a Chicago Graduate School of Business professor and a former Chief Economist at the SEC, indicates that the actual return on venture capital… Read More »

Beware of Those Who Would Sell You Worthless Patent Landscapes

If you are an innovation professional or an investor in new technology, you certainly appreciate that it is important to investigate and analyze the so-called “patent landscape” prior to moving forward with your business plans. As shown by examples such as the $600 plus million settlement of the BlackBerry(tm) lawsuit in 2006 and the $431… Read More »

Using IP Strategy to Reduce the Strategic Uncertainty of Business Decisions

In my wanderings through the Internet, I recently came across a new-to-me management concept. This concept, which generally addresses the management of the risk of strategic decisions, directs C-level corporate decision-makers to embrace as a primary responsibility the management of uncertainty in order to enable the long-term success of their companies. The concept, developed by… Read More »

Patent Strategy Could Be Essential to Your Private Equity Business Plan

A friend of mine recently joined a small, privately-held consumer product company as its innovation manager. The company, which I will call “Cool Stuff,” is owned by a private equity firm. The private equity firm purchased Cool Stuff about a year ago. Cool Stuff was essentially an established “mom and pop” company with a core… Read More »