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A Patent Reality Check: Litigation Not a Viable Revenue Source for Most Inventors

The ability of an intrepid inventor to strike it rich from a great idea seems to be embedded in the DNA of many Americans.  Perhaps this view emanates from the presence of patents in the US Constitution, which could create a feeling that US citizens have an “inalienable right” to use patent protection to their… Read More »

Can Patent Strategy Be A Key To Help Preserving the Small and Mid-Sized U.S. Manufacturing Base?

On a recent business road trip up the Interstate 85 corridor between Atlanta and Charlotte, I was stricken by the large number of empty small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities lining the expressway. On the drive north to Charlotte, we passed a dozen or more large, but abandoned, industrial buildings with empty parking lots and “Available”… Read More »

Your Best Foreign Patent Strategy May Be a Strong U.S. Patent Strategy

Today, it is common for U.S.-based manufacturers to outsource manufacturing of their product line to countries with lower costs. Perhaps your company has already done so. While this business plan can increase short term profit margins, the company outsourcing its manufacturing to a foreign company is also in danger of exchanging these shorter term gains… Read More »