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Looking for Inside Info on the Automotive Bailout and Other Business Issues? It May Be Hiding in Plain Sight in US Patent Assignment Database

bailoutOne of the under-utilized aspects of available US patent data is the business information effectively "hiding in plain sight" in the U.S. Patent Office Assignment database. While it used to take weeks or months for assignments to be recorded, in recent years, the USPTO has implemented a very efficient electronic filing functionality that results in assignments being available for review almost immediately after being presented for recording. (This is arguably the most efficient process today in the USPTO.) Because most patent owners appear to avail themselves of electronic filing option when recording their assignments, one can find a wealth of information in the USPTO Assignment Branch. To this end, I recently uncovered an intriguing tidbit of information related to the Automobile Bailout when performing a wholly unrelated patent monetization marketability study for a client. In confirming that a patent was