Patent MatchMaker

Jackie Hutter founded Patent MatchMaker to help patent owners find their way through the uncertainty and, for some, confusion that exists today in the emerging marketplace for buying and selling patent rights.  Put simply, patents have not regularly been bought and sold regularly in the past and, as a result, few patent owners–even large corporations–possess the knowledge or infrastructures necessary to successfully monetize their patents for the first time.  After fielding numerous inquiries from patent owners seeking assistance in monetizing their patents, Jackie realized that a need existed for a sort of “Patent Monetization Sherpa”  to assist patent owners new to the monetization process.  In her role as owner of Patent MatchMaker, Jackie provides patent owners with the necessary expertise to facilitate successful monetization of their patent rights.  And, unlike patent brokers and auction houses, Jackie Hutter’s sole obligation is to ensure that you, the corporate or individual patent owner, obtains the most out of your patent rights as possible in today’s market.  More information on can be found using by contacting Jackie at

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