Intellectual Property Strategy Consultants: A New Model for the Small to Mid-Size Corporation

Applying this model to your corporation, the intellectual property strategy consultant will learn your business and work with you to design an asset generation directed intellectual property strategy. She will then work with you to identify cost appropriate outside intellectual property counsel to implement the strategy. Your intellectual property strategy consultant will check in with your outside counsel and your corporation at stated intervals to ensure that your intellectual property strategy is being deployed in alignment with your business goals. When you are a real player in the intellectual property strategy game, you will likely need a full time in-house intellectual property strategist. However, by this time, you will be educated in the process and will certainly be better able to hire the right person to take your organization to the next level.

So, if your corporation is seeking to implement an asset generation model for intellectual property, but is turned off by the high cost of hiring and supporting junior or senior level intellectual property professionals to manage your program, you should consider hiring an intellectual property consultant. I believe that this “new model” presents a fantastic opportunity for a savvy small or mid-sized company to get into the intellectual property game in a cost effective way.If your organization is interested in recommendations in this regard, you can contact me directly.