GSU Corporate IP Roundtable on November 4 and 5: A Great IP Event at a Great Discount

The GSU Corporate IP Institute: Not another CLE discussing case law.

Many of you who read my blog also follow my Tweet Streams when I am at conferences.  Last Fall, I blogged from the Georgia State University Corporate IP Institute.  Several people admonished me for not letting them know beforehand that the event was occurring, so this year I am giving everyone advance notice, as well as providing folks with the ability to attend using my discount code.

The 2010 GSU Corporate IP Institute will be on November 4-5 at Georgia State University.  Unlike most IP-related CLE’s, this event generally is light on the case law citations, and heavy on practical tips for those who view IP as a primary form of business value today.  (Editorial note:  if you are a case law geek, then this is not the event for you–but if you are a caselaw geek, why the heck are you reading this blog anyway?!)

The full details are in this brochure, but one super highlight is that on the 4th, Ray Niro will go up against Dan McCurdy to discuss IP monetization–those in the know will recognize that this is like having matter and anti-matter in the same room!   This will be my 4th year attending this event, and I have never been disappointed with the either the content or the caliber of practitioners who show up:  the number of corporate IP types definitely outweighs law firm folks, so if you would like to attend an event and meet new people, this is the place for you.  This is certainly the premier IP networking event in the Southeast, or even the country, and is receiving broad praise from those who understand the value of elevating IP business value.  (See kudos here and here.)

As the Chair of the GSU Corporate IP Roundtable this year (a sister organization), I have been given the discount code that will allow you to attend for 1 day at $395 or for both days for $595.  There is more detail in the brochure, but it is my understanding that there are 12 Georgia CLE credits available, as well as the elusive ethics and professionalism credits.  CLE is available in other states, also.

If you are interested in attending, please use the following codes.

JHBlog-Early Bird Price – $395 one day or JHBlog-Early Bird Price – $595 both days.  Registration is at this link.

Also, feel free to pass this on to colleagues of your who you think might wish to attend.

If you have any specific questions, please let me know, and I will forward your inquiry onto the right person.

Look forward to seeing you on November 4 and 5!