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Obtaining Broad Patent Rights Is Just the Beginning of a Patent Strategy: Beware of Those Who Would Block Your Right to Practice

As reported in a recent New York Times article, an inventor has developed remarkable innovations in fluid dynamics, which is the way fluids (that is, air and liquids) travel in a system. If widely adopted, these innovations are expected to provide revolutionary improvements in several industrial processes. To quickly summarize this technology, the inventor, Jay… Read More »

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Patent Strategy as a Business Model

In the May 12, 2008 New Yorker Magazine article, Malcolm Gladwell posits that there is no shortage of ideas. Rather, he indicates that what is needed is disciplined processes centering on invention and execution of those ideas through into the marketplace. Mr. Gladwell’s article (which I believe is a must-read for those of us in… Read More »