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Using IP Strategy to Reduce the Strategic Uncertainty of Business Decisions

In my wanderings through the Internet, I recently came across a new-to-me management concept. This concept, which generally addresses the management of the risk of strategic decisions, directs C-level corporate decision-makers to embrace as a primary responsibility the management of uncertainty in order to enable the long-term success of their companies. The concept, developed by… Read More »

Who Cares if the Patent System is Broken? Making Lemonade from the Patent Office’s Lemons

Is the patent system broken? I am now an IP Strategist and owner of a patent strategy and consulting company, however, I spent many years in the trenches working to prepare and file U.S. and foreign patent applications for large and small companies of varying levels of sophistication. From my experiences, there is no doubt… Read More »

Patent analytics devoid of the competitive and business insights embedded in the claims are worthless

First generation patent analytics methodologies viewed patent documents as containing information that needed to be collected, culled, reviewed and graphed. This approach considered patents as data sources. This permitted large volumes of patent data to be collected and nicely packaged, irrespective of the reason that the patent filer undertook the effort and expense to make… Read More »