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Patent analytics devoid of the competitive and business insights embedded in the claims are worthless

First generation patent analytics methodologies viewed patent documents as containing information that needed to be collected, culled, reviewed and graphed. This approach considered patents as data sources. This permitted large volumes of patent data to be collected and nicely packaged, irrespective of the reason that the patent filer undertook the effort and expense to make the filing.Significantly, companies do not typically disclose valuable trade secret scientific and technical information to their competitors—as required in a patent filing—without having a defined business-related purpose for such effort and expense. As discussed above, the claims of a patent document reveal what the patent filer seeks to own in a patent application or does own in an issued patent. The business purpose of a patent filing is only truly decipherable from an understanding of the subject matter of the claims. Omission of claims analysis from patent analytics thus ignores the critical business information present

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