IP Quality Must be a Key Feature in Any Financial Product Based on IP Assets

Neil Wilkof of the great IP Finance blog brought up a couple of interesting issues in his latest blog post entitled Securitization of IP: Urban Legend, or Playing Soon in a Theatre Near You? Specifically, he wonders if the desire for innovative (and not discredited) financial products today will result in the emergence of IP securitization as a model for raising capital and, if so, if the there will be a place for IP professionals in the process of valuing such IP.  I recommend Neil’s post to anyone who is interested in how IP assets might be leveraged to create opportunities outside of the usual protection of the IP owner’s products and technology. Moreover, I agree with Neil’s view that if IP is going to be a recognized as a means to raise capital, improvements have to be made in the way finance and IP professionals interact. Put simply, if IP forms the basis upon which companies raise money, the quality of the IP must be well understood so as to allow development of a reality-based risk profile for the transaction.  This cannot be accomplished without putting someone who understands IP in the center of the process. To use a simple Continue Reading →

IP Strategies for High Growth Companies

As an IP Business Strategist, I frequently speak to CEOs of high growth/start-up companies. I have prepared this short deck to walk them through the basics of how IP Strategy can be implemented in their organizations, and where in their organizations their intangible assets might reside. [slideshare id=1889869&doc=intangibleassetprotectionstrategy-090821080206-phpapp02] IP Strategy Basics for High Growth Companies View more presentations from The Hutter Group: IP Business Strategy. Tweet This Buzz This Delicious Digg This Reddit Stumble This

Reality Check for Inventors: Most Corporations Will Not Give Your Idea a First Look. Here’s Some Reasons Why.

Many people assume that corporations will readily consider good ideas from external sources, presumably because from the outside it makes sense to do so.  That is, why should a corporation spend the time and money to create something from scratch if someone else has invented a product or technology that is a good fit and can be acquired at a reasonable cost?  Against this assumption, countless numbers of inventors have expended considerable time, money and hopes on patenting their inventions and submitting them to corporations for review.  The sad truth is that most of the money and efforts of these hopeful inventors are wasted.  Few corporations today have policies that make it possible for their employees to gather unsolicited ideas from outside of their existing employee or supplier base.  Ideas sent to the corporation by outside inventors rarely get reviewed for merit by the relevant business teams.  Rather, after the inventor submitting the idea is sent a form rejection letter, any correspondence generally gets relegated to a file cabinet in the legal department never to be seen again. Inventors with good ideas (where the merit of their ideas has often been validated by their patent attorney’s filing of a patent application or, in many cases, Continue Reading →

Welcome to the New Home of the IP Asset Maximizer Blog!

 This blog has been in existence since March 2008, and there is content going back to then on this new site.  For those who have been regular readers of this blog, I hope you enjoy the new format.  For new readers, I hope to engage with you frequently about the topics discussed here.  The blog is built on the Wordpress platform.  There will probably been minor tweaks here and there as I gain skills with this product.  Please feel free to tell me if there is something that can be improved or to suggest a topic that you would like me to write about.  I will be upgrading my other websites soon, so be on the lookout for changes there, too. Tweet This Buzz This Delicious Digg This Reddit Stumble This